Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cool Mom Or Idiot?

So my children, along with a playdate, are sledding in the house. They've taken an old mattress that I let the kids jump on & have propped it up on the side of the little one's bed. Then they're taking turns sliding down it, using a boogie board, into a pile of pillows.

They're having a ton of fun & not destroying anything. All 3 are also getting along. It has the feel of "this is something we're not supposed to be doing." This makes me the Cool Mom.

Until something happens. Then I'll be the Idiotic, Irresponsible Mom.

But they're having SO much fun.....


Motherhood seems to be full of moments like this. You get SO tired of being the one who says "no" so much that times like this almost demand you be the one who says "yes." My provision is just that we make it as safe as possible.

So no diving off standing up. No sliding down on your back. And no making it steeper.

I'd better go watch.

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