Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day The Smart Way

When my son was first born and we began celebrating Mother's Day I used to feel a lot of resentment. I LOVED being a mom & certainly did not begrudge my mom or my MIL her day, but the idea that I had to put the other mothers' needs above my own, to be a good hostess, seemed absurd. I do that every day - that's a natural part of being a mom. Where was the celebration for me? Hubby & I used to argue about this, with him being torn between his mom & the mother of his child (now children). Then I got smart.

We now celebrate my Mother's Day the day before. I get a lovely dinner wherever I want to go without feeling guilty about the jacked up prices. And we do what I want to do. This year we went to an aquarium (yes, I wanted to go there) & then sat on the beach. It was LOVELY! The kids had fun dipping their toes into the water and I watched my daughter treat the beach as a vast, private sandbox. We all played ball on the beach & then, as I said, had dinner. What a wonderful day!

The next day (actual Mother's Day), I was able to give of myself & celebrate the two moms who nourished my husband and me because I had already had a special day.

Real thanks for this, of course, goes to my husband who makes himself subservient for two days instead of one. BTW, my son said on my day, "Mom, it's not all about you." Yeah, kid. Once a year it is.

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Melanie said...

I love that idea. My daughter's 1st birthday was the Thursday before Mother's Day and my birthday was the day before. As a result we had a family (but still big) 1st birthday party for my daughter. On Sunday I spent the day cleaning from the party. I basically lost both my birthday and Mother's Day. Maybe next year I will do Mothers Day on a different weekend entirely!