Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Susan Boyle: Unwrapping An Amazing Gift

We teach our children to "never judge a book by its cover," but, of course, we all do. As a woman who is bigger than some, I've heard comments. I've been part of the invisible - people who are not seen because they are less than society deems. Susan Boyle is now one of my heroes.

An average woman (who is also unemployed), Ms. Boyle blew the judges of the TV show "Britain's Got Talent" away with a breath-taking performance of the Les Miserables song "I Dreamed A Dream." PLEASE check out this link: http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/92464?fp=1.

I wish her well & hope she avoids the exploitation of those who will seek to use her for their own profit. This is a woman with talent who deserves only the good that life has to offer.

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