Monday, April 13, 2009


As much as I love my family, I couldn't wait to kick them out the door this morning. The kids were off last week thanks to Spring Break & hubby decided to take off, too. So my darling family was home for 9 days straight. Some of it was quite nice:

* Hubby took Sonny to the Big City while I took Darling Daughter to Build-A-Bear (aka Take My Wallet) where she & I made mother-daughter animals (she - a lamb; me - a bunny; lesson: mothers & daughters do NOT have to look alike).
* I took the kids grocery shopping, something I actually like doing, and then rewarded them for very good behavior by taking them to Chuck E. Cheese.
* We all went to IKEA where I learned how to take measurements on a bookcase, pay attention to my husband who was discussing the pros/cons of said bookcase, while watching Darling Daughter to make sure she didn't dive off the various pieces of furniture.

Some of the time was not so nice:

* Why is it that the only free time I had was when I want to the OB/GYN to have my yeast infection treated? Ah....stirrups. What a vacation!
* Arguing, bickering, negotiating, making peace between family members, cooking, making a Seder, etc.

So this morning, after sending/driving them to their respective places, I went to the gym, worked out for 55 minutes, took a shower, am typing this, and will go to the library.

Life is good.

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