Friday, April 3, 2009

When I Was Fun

I realized today when I was picking up toys for the umpteenth time, that I used to be a more fun parent when I had only one child. I used to play more, read more, and relied on the television for peace less. When playgroups were over, I was sillier and got on the floor more.

I did all of those things because I had the time. In all honesty, I also doted and worried more.

Child #2 has given me less time and more work. She's also given me the pleasure of having a daughter and watching, again, the remarkable growth that happens over the first 5 years. She's teaching my son patience and allowing him to stretch himself in ways he couldn't before (taking responsibility for helping her, showing her things). She is ensuring that he doesn't grow up alone and he's there as her teacher and hero.

I'm still silly (even if it's not as often). And I can be fun (when I'm not channeling Sgt. Vince Carter of the Gomer Pyle Show). And when I get on the floor these days, it's as much to rest as to play. But I really love having 2 kids!

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