Saturday, March 28, 2009

14 Pounds Down, Like 100 More To Go

Every week I invite the humiliation of getting on the scale at Weight Watchers. I must pee at least 3 times and pray for a bowel movement so I can get every bit of excess weight off. I wear the same outfit and skip breakfast until after the meeting. The clincher: I PAY for this. Rationally I understand that I am not my weight, that my identity does not depend on the number on the scale, but damn! I work so hard during the week that need for it to pay off. And I'm doing well...14 pounds down with like 100 more to go.

As much as I'm struggling, there are several payoffs: 1) people are starting to notice, so I'm getting compliments 2) I've actually gone down a size & no longer have to shop in the Plus department (not that there's anything wrong with that...and how come every time I get out of Plus sizes, I notice how really attractive the clothes are there?!) 3) I don't want to die every time I climb the stairs.

The humiliation and sacrifices, ultimately, will be worth it.

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