Friday, November 28, 2008

Sniglets From This Year's Thanksgiving

I have a few mental snapshots from yesterday (which went well, all in all):

- My brother & husband playing board games - very cool!
- My daughter taunting my son & nephew into playing tag
- My mom painting my daughter's toe and fingernails
- My mother-in-law, who does not drive, giving me the responsibility of buying gifts for my kids plus my nephew, wrapping them, & making sure they know the gifts are from HER.
- My husband absolutely BUTCHERING the turkey (it was still good)
- Mei-Mei (the hamster) rolling around in her ball (it's so cute)
- My son's Thanksgiving prayer - he has the true spirit of thanksfullness & sees the good in all
- Everyone leaving happy & at a decent hour
- My children, who gave me no trouble in going to bed, sleeping

I'm thankful for a good Thanksgiving.

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