Friday, October 3, 2008

New Gadgets Added To This Blog

You'll see that I've added some new gadgets to my humble blog. The Webcams I find fascinating because travelling with my two prides & joy has become somewhat limited. Through webcams, I'm able to instantly visit places all over the world. There's also some link to SAHM (Stay-At-Home Mom) stuff. Not sure if that one is staying yet. And there's also a link to daily coloring pages - important stuff if mommy is going to write on the computer.

Along those lines, if anyone actually does read this blog (Hi Carol Anne!) and is a new mommy, let me direct you to, the site of an excellent group that offers support to all moms, working & non-working. Child #1 and I have been in various playgroups with Mothers & More & he still sees some of those incredible children while some of the ladies I count among my best friends. M&M and my computer are absolute necessities for my mothering journey.

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