Friday, October 3, 2008

Dress-Up Is Fine, But Princesses?!!!

Child #2 is now in the Disney Princess stage. Yech. I think it's because her sweet little best friend is in it, but somehow I never really gave a thought to the princesses except that the line itself was created by a marketing genius. I mean here are all these Disney movies rotting in the vault & somebody thinks of a way to re-package these ladies to create a new product. It's incredible!

Of the princesses (Cinderella, Aurora [aka Sleeping Beauty], Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, and Mulan), the only two I respect are Belle (for her love of books) and Mulan (for her spunk & courage). The others can all rot. Of course, as much as I try to emphasize Belle and Mulan, my wonderful daughter is fixated on Aurora & Ariel. It's amazing that at almost 3-years old, she's already got this programmed sense of beauty where her "ideal" for beauty is the blond, blue-eyed lady. Maybe it's because, in addition to the Disney Princesses, she's attracted to Barbie.

Barbie! That anti-feminist icon!

Minor issues, these princesses...or are they?

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