Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Seventh Anniverary Of 9/11

Wow! Has it really been only seven years since that fateful day?! Here in the Northeast, so many of us were personally affected by the horror of that day. Me? I was nursing my baby in our bed and had the phone turned off so I knew nothing until later in that day when my mother-in-law finally reached me. She said that the world was coming to an end & that I should turn on the television. When I did, obviously, I was horrified. After many attempts, I reached my husband who had just had an interview at one of the buildings across from Tower 1 the day before. He immediately came home.

We, like so many others, were in shock & didn't know what to do, so we grabbed the dog & the baby (Child #1) and walked over to a county park. I remember how quiet it was - no planes, no church bells - just the occassional helicopter taking survivors to a nearby hospital. It was eerie...

Some of my friends had seen the explosions from the top of a nearby mountain. They'd wondered if their husbands, many who worked in the City, were safe.

Life was never the same. I still can't hear a plane overhead without getting scared. I may never get over that. And I pray for the souls who died on that day.


On a more mundane front, Child #2 has a cold. That I can handle. But husband, who overreacts at the slightest sign of sickness, is already deeply sighing as he takes his Zicam and Emergency C. Kids get sick. Whatcha going to do?

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