Monday, September 8, 2008

We Made It Through The Rain

Water has been on my mind for several reasons:

1) Child #2 started preschool with much crying. Of course, my gut was churning and I cried in the pool as I was doing laps at the YMCA (Mommy needs to drop the weight equivalent of a person). 45 minutes later when I called the school, I was told that her crying stopped before I even left the parking lot of the school. This morning when she cried again, I had her number. Kiss and go. And no gut churning on my part. She came out of school radiant with artwork to show me and songs to sing.

2) The other reason water was on my mind was that we survived the remnants of Hanna. While hubby took Child #1 to Pennsylvania for a football game, Child #2 and I weathered the storm. Fortunately, it left us with nothing but...

3) Reason 3 water has been on my mind. We had a slight leak in the roof. Nothing too big and something I fixed, but still...water.

Now, to change the topic, there's a website I love that I want to share called Silver Jewelry Club ( Really nice jewelry for the price of shipping & handling (approx $6.99). Check it out. I plan on getting gifts from this site.

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