Friday, October 1, 2010

A Nice Thought

So, as I previously blogged about, I did, indeed, follow the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse.  I was aware of my inner voices and how biased they are.  I am cognizant of how damaging they are.  And I'll give the Cleanse credit for that awareness.  I'll also give the founders the benefit of the doubt that their intentions are to help women.  But I kept looking for the bottom line and I found it.

Apparently there are tapes you can buy and all kinds of self-help stuff you can pay for.  And I'm sorry, but money's tight and commercial self-awareness is just too expensive right now.

On the other hand, I did glance through my library's copy of Debra Norville's book on gratitude.  It seems that research is proving that having an "attitude of gratitude" or counting your blessings every day is healthy not only emotionally, but physically.  Studies are showing that those individuals who are grateful for what they have tend to have lower blood pressure, better moods, and better relationships than those who don't give thanks.

The book was FAR longer than it needed to be, but, once again, it made me aware of something I already knew.  Banishing the "mean girl" is hard and, if I were to buy into the merchandise, expensive.  Gratitude?  Hell, I can do that every day on the cheap.  And it's easy. 

Thank you for reading this. 

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