Monday, July 26, 2010

Lisa Quinn You're Right...Mostly

When Lisa Quinn’s publicist sent me a copy of the book Life’s Too Short To Fold Fitted Sheets, it was with the understanding that I needn’t feel obligated to review or even like it. Not a problem, since I’m not a “tit for tat” person anyway.

Now, the book claims to be “Your Ultimate Guide To Domestic Liberation” and although it wasn’t the “ultimate” guide, it was certainly helpful. Ms. Quinn has a no bullshit approach to domestic chores, explaining that trying to be Martha Stewart-like is a waste of time. Hey, I’m on board! The first two chapters of the book, “The Lackadaisical Lifestyle” and “Not So Good Housekeeping” had me dog-earring pages and underlining especially pertinent sections.

I especially enjoyed the tips on “Rediscovering Your Self-Esteem” which I’ve heard a gazillion times but probably need to hear a gazillion times more. Her “Just Say No” piece detailing how to get out of saying “yes” should be mandatory for every mom of school-age children about to encounter the local PTA. But I really loved her idea of donning a tiara to show the family that you’re taking some time to yourself and going “off duty.” “Tiara Time” is great concept with the list of suggested activities for that time a nice resource. Sometimes, when I have a rare moment to myself, I forget what non-domestic, non-child-related things I actually enjoy doing.

It was after the “Housekeeping” chapter that Ms. Quinn lost me.

The chapter entitled “Slacker Chic” was cute and had some useful information, but nothing I hadn’t heard before. “Good enough” shortcuts and cheats are tactics we’ve all discovered on our own because we need them to get through life without being deemed slobs by our friends and family. And “The Half-Assed Hostess”, again, didn’t present anything earth-shattering to me.

Overall, the book is a quick, easy read. And it’s something I’ll probably refer back to…I’m just not sure when. It may, ultimately, be tossed, in a fit of domestic liberation.

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