Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Friend, Murray

I believe that spirits, whether human or animal, come into your life for a reason. Most often, they teach us or allow us to be taught. Often, they comfort us. And sometimes, if we're really lucky, they share in our circle of love. Thus, I'd like to share with you a love story.

Murray is the gentlest of friends. He looks intimidating - big, rough, not someone you'd want to meet on a dark street. But his chocolate eyes speak of love. His demeanor is warm, comforting. On a cold winter's night, you'd want nothing more than to cuddle with Murray. As you might have guessed, Murray is a dog; his owners are my friends Tammy and Chris and their wonderful daughter, Emily. And a few weeks ago, we almost lost my dear, dear canine friend.

He had what appeared to be a stroke. We were sure he was at death's door. But his vet, instead of encouraging euthanasia, treated Murray with some antibiotics. One day, when I was afraid I'd get the phone call that my friend had passed, I saw him in his backyard. I literally screamed with delight when I saw him. He was wobbly and you could tell that he'd been through a lot, but the love was still there in his eyes.

With a lot of physical therapy from Tammy and Chris, Murray is almost his old self. So here's the love in this story: it emanates from Murray but was especially vivid for me every time I saw Chris and Tammy working with their dog. I'm not sure many people would have put the time and energy into working with an older dog the way they did. But little by little, through their love, their wonderful pet has almost fully recovered.

So much love. In a world of hate, you've got to treasure stories like this.

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