Friday, May 29, 2009

Eyebrows Give Caterpillars Something To Aspire To

I have always been fascinated by eyebrows. I'm not entirely sure what they do (keep dust away from the eyes?), but they are certainly a fashion statement.

My mother-in-law and women of her generation seem to have eyebrows painted on, most often in a graceful arch. Not the most natural-looking of things. Makes the grand dames look perpetually surprised or put off.

My daughter's are dark and help add to her innocent look, even when she's completely guilty. There may be electrolysis in her future. My son's are growing more pronounced as he gets older. It'll be interesting to see what the final masterpieces will look like. Our late beloved beagle had eyebrows that jutted up, almost like antennae. Considering his disposition, we were certain he used them to communicate with The Mother Ship.

My favorite set of eyebrows belongs to my husband. They are thick, masculine, and soft to the touch. Ironically enough, I often want to shave them off with a butter knife. They come together whenever he disapproves of something and often take on a life of their own during conversation. He may be saying something positive, but I interpret his eyebrows as giving away his real, negative feelings. In our wedding photos, his eyebrows are up, making him look simple and give no clues as to the the immense intelligence and sense of humor he has.

I really don't consider my eyebrows. They're just there. I have neither the time nor the inclination to expend my energies correcting them.

What do you think of yours?

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