Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Now, About My Husband...

I probably don't give D enough press. Despite his theory that this is a "husband-bashing blog," I'd like to publicly congratulate him on his recent promotion. He works hard, knows his stuff, and is finally with a company he likes and respects (one of the big banking firms). Bankers have taken a lot of heat what with the recent naughtiness on Wall Street, but I can honestly say that D is not someone who has personally profited from whatever shenanigans is going on. Remember: I'm on a budget, not feeding the kids caviar. And his bank is a good one. They didn't want bailout money and I understand have told the powers that be that they don't want help at all.

Back to my husband. Let me share the latest "D-isms" with you. Yes, he knows they're going on here. But hey. If you're stupid enough to spout nonsense when your wife's a blogger, expect that the nonsense is gonna wind up on the Web.

- This one comes last night during his dinner. I had cooked some turkey breasts and he said:

"This meat doesn't taste freshly killed."

Yeah, Great Hunter. Like you would know freshly killed meat. Wife go out during day. Leave kids in woods. Kill turkey. Clean turkey. Not go to Shop-Rite.

- And this one that was tossed at me while I was getting The Boy ready for school. D has not been taking aging well & has decided to combat his bald spot with Rogaine or some other hair-growing witchcraft.

"I put hair growth stuff on my head & forgot to wash my hands. Then I touched my butt. Am I gonna grow hair on my butt now?"

Yes, dear. That's why your pants are tight.

On March 21st we'll be celebrating 17 years of marriage and 3 years of knowing each other. Not sure if I should be happy or openly weeping.

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