Friday, February 6, 2009

I Could Care

I love looking at the Gadgets I can add to this blog. Stuff you see to the right of this like Parenting Tips, The Puppy Of The Day, etc. And the stuff below the blog. I put in stuff I like to see because I actually do log into this blog at least every other day.

So one of the things I could add is a link to something called Men's Lifestyles. It gives the male viewpoint on stuff like sex, politics, life issues, etc. And I was going to add it, but then I thought,

I could care, but I don't.

I did once, when I was dating. And I do care about my husband's views, irrespective of whether I think they're stupid or not (most are not). But Men as a whole. Nah. I just don't care. Maybe I will when my son gets closer to being one. But not yet.

Unfortunately, I am starting to pay attention to the issues of senior citizens since every day I get closer to being one. That's a bit scary.

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