Thursday, January 29, 2009

Slices Of Life

Child #2, as you may have guessed, is quite a pistol. A friend says my daughter "sparkles." Another has called her "effervescent." Here are two slices of life highlighting this incredible kid:

1. The other day she is insisting she "needs" to wear a maxi-pad. So I'm faced with the question, Do I let the 3-year old wear such a thing? I decided to just go ahead. After all, she just wants to be like Mommy. So she gets it on, smiles at me and says, "It feels good." Yeah, kid. Try wearing one for 30+ years once a month.

2. Today I'm on the computer for maybe five minutes, when I realized that my kid is in my bedroom along with stuff she shouldn't be touching. I dash into the room where she is safely tucked into my bed, wearing my loveliest negligee, and inviting me to come into the bed with her. "No boys!" she insists. Good girl.

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