Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Best Afternoon

My little one has had a fever for about 3 days plus she had a tooth pulled (she was SO brave, bless her little heart!), so I have been getting even less sleep than usual. Thus my husband gifted me with a present so profound, so wonderful, something I've dreamed of for years but that he deemed "too expensive" to give me:


Forget the diamonds, spa treaments, new car - all I've ever wanted since I became pregnant 9 years ago has been sleep.

So I took a nap for an hour. Then the little one came up, crawled into bed with me and, miracles of miracles, we slept for another 2 hours.

It was wonderful, a religious experience! Sad, huh?

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Judie H said...

Why don't husbands/fathers realize that is all most wives/moms really want? More sleep!!! I don't want chocolate for Valentine's Day, I want sleep! (Include a home cooked meal....who knows what would happen!!?!?).