Friday, December 19, 2008

The Schools' Cruel Joke

We got the call at 5:35AM. The call I didn't want. The call I dreaded.

School's Cancelled.

I used to love snow days: lots of TV, reading, peace. Now that I've got 2 kids at home, I hate them. Especially when they're not called for. The snow started at 10AM. The kids could have had almost 2 full hours of school & the early dismissal would have brought one home at regular time (11:30) and the other home at 12:15. I could have picked them up. I would have...eventually.

Instead we went to the craft store and, $36 later, I have 4 craft kits that nobody's even looking at. Well, I refuse to be The Mommy Show, forced to entertain 2 bored kids! Let them figure out what to do.

Coffee awaits!

(OK, so the little one just came up to me & per her head on my shoulder. Maybe I can get them both to cuddle in my bed later.......)

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