Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ovaries = Official Family Wrapper

I am the Official Family Wrapper. Gifts, wine bottles, packages - if it can be wrapped, it's my job. And how did I get this job, you may ask. According to my husband, it's part of my biology.

Yes, along with ovaries, came The Wrapping Paper side of the brain. Only I can wrap. On rare occasions, he may gift bag, if I hand him the bag, otherwise it's up to me. This makes giving me a present rather interesting. Like the time he wrapped a birthday present in an old, chewed up dog blanket.

Conceivably, since he's the vice president of a bank and manipulates large amounts of money all day, he could figure out how to wrap a widdle gift. But it's not in his genetics.

Gotta go get the tape now.

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