Monday, November 10, 2008

What I Want For My Birthday

Ok, so my birthday is coming up (one somewhere between 45 and 50 if you must know). Hubby is asking what I would like. Usually my answer is "cash" or "jewelry." Last year I asked for "sleep" which DH deemed "too expensive." I certainly don't need any more unnecessary appliances (my fault for asking, not his for giving). Know what I really want?

- Laundry that does itself
- A house that cleans itself
- A chauffeur (instead of BEING the chauffer)
- The body of a 20 year old
- London Tipton's wardrobe
- The ability to wash down all the Wendy's food I like without worrying about a coronary or killing the living room couch cushions with my butt
- The Jonas Brothers' money
- My own bathroom with an industrial-grade lock on the door

And my #1 desire: to live long enough & be healthy enough to see my children grow up.

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