Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese = A Kid's Atlantic City

Where can you find immature people who mindlessly shovel coins into slot machines? Try Chuck E. Cheese's, "where a kid can be a kid" and "a parent can lose a lot of money.

Mommy Mistake #7342: take two kids to the aforementioned venue on a rainy day during Teacher's Convention & actually believe you're the only person who would think of that. I'm such a moron! 45 minutes to get into the place, another 45 to get our pizza (Child #2 was downing crackers I'd stolen from the salad bar like they were the only food she'd had in her whole life), and an array of squeaky animatronic creatures on stage advertising a place we were already at.

Ok, so the pizza is decent & the kids don't take advantage of mom's wallet. That's good. Plus the place did finally empty out.

But there were a few harrowing moments when I sent both kids up into the kid-equivalent of a habitrail (I couldn't send the 3-year old alone) just as a bunch of other kids were going up there. I lost track of my two & tried to put out of my mind the various viruses & germs they were encountering in that closed, hot atmosphere. Child #1 said they were calling my name out but I couldn't hear them. Ah, another topic for eventual therapy.....

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