Saturday, October 18, 2008

Penn State Beat Michigan

Why is this important to me? It's not. But it's important to my husband, Mr. Penn State Alum. So I guess it is important to me. State College is a place we used to visit when my beloved father-in-law lived there. It was the place of great happiness for my husband, a place he took pride in showing me and later, us.

It was where he met & cultivated a wonderful friendship with the great Tim Foor, the most beloved friend my husband ever had & a man I truly loved. Tim had a quiet sense of humor, a general acceptance of things, & an appreciation for life. He was taken from us three years ago and he is SORELY missed EVERY DAY by my husband.

It was also where my sweet FIL lived and died. This was a man who couldn't do enough for you when you visited him. He, too, had an appreciation of things. I will never forget the coffee he generously offered me...which poured out like molasses. Or the way he would eat my slightly burnt muffins, declaring, "These are the best I've ever had."

Both men are sorely missed. And their ghosts haunt the memories of PSU for my husband.

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