Friday, October 17, 2008

Loving The Adopted Child As Your Biological One

Child #1 is my biological child. One day we asked God if we should have a baby and God answered with a late period. It took 3, count'em 3, positive pregnancy tests before hubby & I believed I was with child. He claims he really didn't believe it until Child #1 popped out.

We asked for another child & it was not so easy. So God led us to a friend who had adopted a child from China. We fell in love with Julia and saw that God was leading us toward an alternative path for another child. Three years later, we got the call that led to my husband flying to China to pick up our baby (I figured I carried Child #1 for 9 months; the least he could do was handle the baby for the 2 weeks he was required to be in Asia). Besides that, it wouldn't have been fair to leave our son for 2 weeks (he'd never been away from me) to bring back someone who was going to change his life...forever.

So Child #1 and I met hubby & Child #2 at the airport. And I fell in love. After two years (and on the cusp of my daughter's 3rd birthday), I can honestly answer the question, "Can you love an adopted child like you love your biological one?" with a hearty YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!

When my daughter cries, the feeling I get is EXACTLY the same as when my son cries. My insides cringe up. If I had any milk left, it would ooze. When she hurts, I hurt. When she laughs, my soul laughs. I rejoice in this miracle being every bit as much as I rejoice in my son. She is the daughter I thought I would never have. My joy!


Suzy said...

Love the photo and I'm enjoying your blog, Linda!

Ima said...

This is great!