Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Second Job (Next To Mother): PTA Member

I love our PTA. It does so much for the kids at our school and really make the kids feel like part of a community. This group even gives you an opportunity to write a check for school supplies which the group then orders. Saves me so much aggravation. The price for having such a great PTA is, of course, the amount of work required by parents. I'm always hesitant to volunteer for too much at the beginning of the year, knowing full well that the PTA will need help all year through. Still, Child #1 loves to see me at school (and I adore seeing him).

My biggest beef with them before the school year even begins is that they tied PTA dues to our school's directory. So you couldn't order the book without becoming a member of the PTA. Smart move, but they kind of have you over a barrel if you're going to have the names & addresses of your kid's school playmates.

Can't wait for the packet of info that will come home from school the first day. Lots of info. Lots of reading.

Who am I outside of being a mom?

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