Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Uniform Of The Stay-At-Home Mom

Not what a stay-at-home mom wears...unless she's insane!

Please note that although I was compensated for this post and that writing on this subject was suggested, all opinions are my own. 

There's a parade at our town pool every day.  In sharp contrast to most of the people there, mothers and grandparents who are not working and who are dressed in swim wear and coverups, at 5 in the afternoon in comes a sharp line of adults wearing the uniforms of the 9 to 5 world. These tired-looking working parents arrive at the pool to pick up their little YMCA campers who are spending their Summer swimming and playing games.  The mostly upper-management women clip-clop around in high heels and try to remain cool, despite the oppression of panty hose, in skirts.  They wear make-up and sport the latest hair styles. The men are clad in Wall Street Wear: well-tailored suits in shades of gray and blue. A few have taken off their ties and opened their shirts. All of them look happy to be out of the office and I'll bet many wish to be in swim wear, frolicking in the pool with their little ones. But this “parade of office wear” started me thinking about the “uniform” of the stay-at-home moms I know.

We are concerned, nay, CONSUMED by the desire for comfort. We've got enough to think about, namely kids, without fussing with clothes that are uncomfortable or staying current
Neon peach blossom sports bra - with the holding power of a crane
with the latest fashion. Our clothes must allow for movement as we keep up with Roadrunner-like toddlers and preschoolers who think they're indestructible. For that reason, we gravitate toward workout apparel and yoga clothes like those sold by Sweaty Betty (great name, huh?). You've gotta love this stuff! It's durable, has plenty of support for wiggling, jiggling, gravity-laden body parts. It looks sleek and is comfortable. Sports bras hold EVERYTHING in place without killing shoulders or making you feel like a boa constrictor is squeezing your chest. And yoga pants are snuggly enough so that when our kid takes a nap (if they EVER will), we can curl up for one, too. Workout clothes are nice enough that you're not embarrassed to answer the door when the
Calypso yoga pants - snugly
UPS guy comes and when I wear them, I can delude myself into thinking that I might actually someday want to work out (NOT!).

Right now, I am perfectly content, okay, grateful, for my summer uniform of capri pants and t-shirts when I'm not at the pool. But I am also aware that in my future are heels, skirts, and tailored suits as I get back into the working world. When my little one is older and I finally enter a new phase of parenthood to once again, join the 9 to 5ers, my uniform will change. Maybe I should be paying closer attention to the parade before me. It's only a matter of time before I rejoin their ranks.


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