Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My $.02 On Octomom

You've got to feel sorry for this lady's kids. Most births are welcomed. There's a sense of wonder a feeling of congratulations. These kids, irregardless of their mom, should be given a "Welcome To The World."

As for her, I agree with all of the critics who say she was irresponsible & that she's relying on the world to help her get by. Having so many is an atrocious thing to do. But how many of us actually think about the impact that another child will make on this world before we try to have one? How many of us think of the resources it will take to support another life?

I don't know if adoption was ever considered in this case, but I wish more people would consider it. If one can't conceive aborting or getting rid of extra frozen eggs, I think adoption is an viable thing to do. Let someone who can and will love the child, do so.

I know from experience that you can love a child that doesn't come from your body as much as a child that does. And oh, the love!

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