Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY 2009!

After Christmas, the family took off for 3 days in Phiadelphia - just to get away. Basically, if you give my kids an indoor pool, they're happy. In this case, they were delirious! We swam as much as possible while still seeing a little of the City Of Brotherly Love. Child #1 had been there when he was very little. In fact, we have pictures of him at the Rodin Museum & on the steps that Rocky climbed (can't remember the name of the place - I think it was the Art Museum). The boy, of course, does not remember. But we did do the Franklin Institute, which is a wonderful museum for kids. It had lots of stuff to touch.

The Boathouses were all lit up for the Holidays and I could feel the family relaxing together. Dad went into his "Vacation Dave" mode in which he just goes with the flow. I love Vacation Dave.

We got back before bad weather hit & just in time to celebrate the New Year. It's so sweet to hear Child #2 say, "Happy New Year" when you know she has no idea what it means.

My resolutions in 2009: 1) Eat in a more healthy-manner 2) Yell less.

Happy 2009!

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