Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dinosaurs Alive!

There is quiet all around. Peace reigns supreme. Suddenly, out of the darkness, there is a cry! It travels up the spinal cord & wraps around every sensor of the body. Is it a pteryldactyl? Is it a creature from some prehistoric era? No. It is the cry of the 3-year old, indignant because her brother has changed the television channel.

For this, I went to college.
Here's a gem credited to Jerry Seinfeld on the topic of co-sleeping with your kid. It was found on the website:

“It’s kind of like sleeping next to a laundry bag with a live collie in it.” That’s not all! Jerry adds,
“There’s a heat pump thing with little kids, they throw off tremendous amounts of heat. So you also get the feeling of a small engine running on bad gas, knocking and sputtering all night. It doesn’t run smooth."

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