Monday, November 17, 2008

She's Loose

So that deal was that if the 3-year old slept in her crib for 3 days without getting out, I'd take down the railings & convert the crib into a "big girl bed." She waited until this morning before getting out of her crib, going downstairs, & letting the hamster out of its cage (we had moved the hamster from the den, which is cold, to the living room which is warmer). The hamster, of course, bit her because who wants to be woken up with a big hand scooping you up from your nice, warm nest? I'd have bitten the kid, too.

Anyway, since she waited until morning, the railing comes off. Granted, she will have a toddler gate on her door just to slow her down. Hubby is scared. We already don't get nearly enough sleep because the boy has some sleeping issues. And I just moved the hamster into a room near the master bedroom, so DH is worried that the sound of the hamster on the wheel will keep him up. Yeah, honey. The hamster's the one we should worry about. Argh........

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